First cultural price City of Munich. Move to New York City
1984 First price of the International Jazz Federation
1986 Repairing Citroen DS and welding sculptures
1989 Melbourne/australia production. Soloist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Film "The last days of Chez Nous". Found my wife.
1990-1992 Music and set decoration for TV, Film and theatre, directing, Art director
1993 Extended tours in behalf of the Goethe- Institute through Cuba, South American Continent and Mexico.
CD-recordings in New York City "Razzmatazz"
1994 Performances overall Europe, etc. More requested compositions.
Conceptions by theatres (Hamburg, Munich, Zürich)
1995-1996 Plus more concentration also on painting and sculpting
1997 Excessive tours through entire Europe
1998 As repesentant of the Goethe Institute (compared to the State Department USA) Concert tour from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan. Performance Jazzfest Berlin
1999 A move to Venice Italy