Gunther Klatt was without doubt one of the most original personalities of the international art scene. Throughout the last three decades this vehement autodidact has ever been a dynamic presence, as a musician, composer and bandleader, composer, director for film and theatre; or exhibiting his work including sculpture in galleries, events etc.

An concise history... or highlights:
- Worldwide tours on behalf of Germany'‘s renowned "Goethe Institut“
- Winner of several clture prizes (all over Europe)
- First prize from the International Jazz Federation
- Theatreprojects: director, art/musical director, composer.
- Performance, Ty, Radio, recordproductions in South and North Anerica, Asia, Europe and Cuba etc

Kind of a C.V.:
- Obviously born 1957. Taurus
- Studies of Design, arts etc. and Autodidact.
- Sculptur at the Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich
- Simultaneously but suddenly grabed/trabed by saxophone, compositian and music

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